Contemplations by Madeline Black


Contemplations by Madeline Black   in Pilates Style Magazine

March/April issue 2018

Red dust falls
Red flames sparks
Red trucks hauls
Red dog barks

Red helicopters soar
Red phone alerts
Red hot door
Red bruise hurts

Red hills smoke
Red panties packed
Red hose soak
Red generator jacked

Red autumn leaf falls
Red tomatoes on the vine
Red bird calls
Red glass of wine
Red light stop!

igniting terror and destruction throughout the once-idyllic landscape. “At 4:30a.m., I was awakened by my husband saying there is a fire and that I need to get up. At first, I was in shock,” recalls the Sonoma, CA-based teacher of teachers Madeline Black. “At sunrise, we began preparing the house; we had no power or internet. We could see the flames on the hill near us. All we could do was to wait and watch for eight days.”
During the time, Madeline opened her studio, Studio M, which had regained power, for anyone in need. “On the second day, I led a free restorative movement class focusing on calming the nervous system. When the fires were contained and people were returning, we held a gathering to reunite and ground ourselves to help start getting back to life’s routines.”
Here Madeline shares a piece she crafted amidst the chaos.

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