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Understanding What you see: Advanced skills for Pilates Instructors

From 9:30 until 17:00

At Body Concept Pilates Studio

UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU SEE:  Advanced skills for Pilates Instructors

Understanding and seeing movement is necessary in order to know where to begin with a client, what approach is best for the client and in many cases change movement patterns into ease and strength that enhances a client’s life. In this workshop, Madeline will coach you to see the body in a whole new way. You will learn to identify imbalances between excessive movement and restricted movement from the feet through the head by observing and palpating three-dimensional movement. Pilates movement solutions are discussed.

Course Objectives:

• Learning dynamic assessment skills

• Palpating and feeling the body’s structure

• Training the “eye” to see the structure and imbalances through movement

• Define postural imbalances in three planes

• Seeing tight structures verses inhibition

• Planning course of action through Pilates for better balancing


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