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Black's Immersive Body Training - ENCOMPASS

At A Body of Work San Francisco

569 Ruger Street San Francisco

Immersive Body Training ENCOMPASS
The body moves in a predictably non-linear way. Madeline Black is developing a series of trainings to immerse the movement teacher into a highly focused and engaging experience to better understand these body movements and patterns. Madeline's approach to training is an organic process focused on precision and highly tuned movement techniques. These immersive trainings are for experts in movement looking to advance their education, perception, intuition, and manual skills. Madeline escorts each participant through personal feedback on the process of working with the body. She customizes each segment to match the needs and energy of the participants which provides a unique experience for each instructor.
Encompass explores the various possibilities of movement choices to effectively create session-changing movement patterns and habits. 
  • Immerse yourself in an educational experience that is palpable and immediately useful
  • Improve your eye for identifying movement patterns
  • Understand the design of human movement in all aspects of the body: musculoskeletal, fascial, organs, fluids and more
  • Experience new techniques featured in "Immersive"
  • Confirm your touch and movement guidance
  • Improve your capabilities as a movement specialist
  • Begin to see your clients in a whole body way, addressing their needs that create change in the body immediately
  • Advance your teaching to a higher level of skill
  • Expand your intuitive gift, we all have them!
  • 26 PMA CEC's

Location:    A Body of Work  569 Ruger Street, San Francisco, CA 

September 14th -18th
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm
Monday & Tuesday 3pm -7pm
$1500 regular
"Mastery Package": Encompass Course + 4 Practice Labs
$2000 regular

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