Mexico – Rancho La Puerta


Week at Rancho La Puerta

At Rancho La Puerta

Tecate, Mexico

Week of Feb 17 – Feb 23, 2018

at Rancho La Puerta


Madeline Black’s Actualizing Movement© for Pilates
Discover your movement potential that is untapped with Madeline Black. Her finely crafted movement sequences allow your body to fully respond by strengthening the balance of mobility and stability. Her evolved Pilates classes challenge the core, hip and trunk in a way you have never felt. Madeline is an expert on keeping movements simple and at the same time requiring the muscles to work fully. Whatever your experience is with Pilates, yoga, fitness or any other movement class, you will experience your body with greater clarity and realization of your own strengths. Madeline Black’s Actualizing Movements© enhance your physicality through developing a better relationship with your body.

To register contact:

Rancho La Puerta   1-800-443-7565  Or, CLICK HERE  to book ONLINE


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