London Pilates On Tour


Pilates On Tour

At Etc Venues – St. Pauls –

200 Aldersgate Street London, EC1A, UK


Pilates on Tour brings internationally known Pilates educators to London for our 2018 event. Teachers from around the world come to this event because the presenters are cutting edge, the equipment is abundant and the opportunity to learn is exceptional. Join our growing community of dedicated, passionate Pilates professionals with workshops presented by world class educators in an intimate setting. This conference will change the way you teach.

Madeline Black' Schedule at POT - LONDON:

Friday, April 27th     PSOAS as a Core Muscle    Madeline Black, has re-designed her popular Pilates apparatus workshop on the psoas for all movement systems. New perspectives based on current science will be introduced and how this understanding now changes your teaching. The psoas plays a role in core activation and alignment of the spine, pelvis and legs. Madeline will teach how to find the psoas, release and recruit it, and see how it affects the alignment and core strength. Balancing the psoas can improve breathing, release spinal tension including the neck and hip joints. Madeline will also demonstrate how other muscles and bones are moved synergistically with the psoas.

Saturday, April 28    Pilates Mat Movement:  Challenging the Nervous System    We physically embody the Pilates matwork through stimulating the nervous system through proprioception, interception and motor learning. Madeline Black teaches the traditional mat movements with the focus on how to work with clients using a variety of tools to tap into their reflexes that deepens the training effect. She will use props, touch and specific movement cues that engage the body wholly. Take your mat classes or sessions to a stronger level.

Sunday morning, April 29    Pilates Moves and the Posterior Hip   The posterior hip is the power for all locomotion from walking to jumping to executing many of the Pilates movements. Madeline Black will discuss the posterior lines of the myofascia connections running from the leg through the pelvis, along the spine to the head and discuss what inhibits the muscle work of the posterior hip. She will present the movement sequencing, which best strengthens the posterior hip, from the ankle to femur, the pelvic and sacral relationship and the myofascia of the back. In addition, she teaches innovative movement techniques that change the inhibition creating stronger activation. Madeline will move you through mat work where you will feel the difference when you truly are using your post-derrière.

Sunday afternoon, April 29   Inversions: Turning your Clients Upside Down    What is happening to the body when it is inverted? Madeline Black will share with you the how, what and why of inversions. She will show you how to prepare the client for going upside down, short spine, long spine, hanging and handstands. Inversions are challenging, healing and fun once they are accomplished.

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