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Human Gait Movement Patterning and Movement Re-Education

At Joseph P. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School

Madeline will be presenting her abstract

Human Gait Movement Patterning and Movement Re-Education

at the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School

To use the skills of observation, and palpation for assessing how an individual’s gait provides the movement teacher, trainer or practitioner information regarding the individual’s habitual movement pattern. To learn movement techniques that affect the individual’s habitual pattern by changes in the identified dysfunction toward a more balanced gait. The movement skills include the use of props for stimulating the proprioception, introception and bone rhythms to activate the proper myofascial responses.

My intention is to provide movement teachers, trainers and practitioners simple assessment skills to help inform them how to best design a session or movement class for effective changes in structure and function for the client or patient. By learning to move from bone activation rather than muscle activation taps into the proprioception and introception of the person’s mind where movement re-education is most effective for changes in the body. The self-correcting movement sequences are the tools an individual to maintain better movement function.

A teacher of movement, whether a athletic trainer, yoga or Pilates teacher, will gain insight into a client’s habitual and unconscious movement habits. These habits inhibit the way the spine, pelvis and hips were designed to move as a whole. The inhibition places stress on the structure and weakens the neuromuscular and myofascial functioning necessary for longevity. Today, the movement practitioner is playing an important role in helping people after physical therapy to regain their movement potential and return to more optimal function. Movement recalibrates the body when it is directed by awareness and felt sense of balanced movements.

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