Centered by Madeline Black

My first comprehensive book of my approach to the body in movement is now available for purchase!

Centered: Organizing the Body through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques

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(Standing on Posture Pencils placed under the proper weight bearing bones of the feet and feeling the body weight distributed on the Posture Pencils aligns the whole body with ease. It is an instant felt sense tool giving a sensory and motor learning experience for standing with optimal posture. Read more about it in “Centered” chapter one. )

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Centered sets out to define a scope of practice – the integrative movement practitioner. The practice encompasses:

  • An understanding of the body’s movement potential
  • Analysis of the available movement in the body by identifying holding patterns caused by dysfunctional movement in the individual
  • Changing restrictions through techniques such as muscle energy, innovative Pilates set-ups on the apparatus and hands-on work
  • Developing a whole body approach for strengthening and brain imprinting exercises to reinforce a new way of moving
  • Self practice and continued education

About the Author

Madeline’s life pursuit is the discovery of how the human body moves. This encompasses the creation of movement techniques based on Pilates, yoga and gyrotonic, the integration of manual work into the movement experience and through her training of other teachers, helping others to sustain movement capacity throughout their lives. Her extensive study and widely respected accomplishments in the field of movement and fitness have fuelled her rise as an international leader in training and certification of Pilates instructors. Worldwide her name is synonymous with the highest level of professional pursuit in the teaching and practice of Pilates. She has authored certification training manuals and many articles for industry magazines and online.

320 pages, highly illustrated paperback

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