Madeline Black


Welcome to – an interactive site which I invite you to visit for inspiration and updates in the field of movement education using Pilates and techniques for bringing structural change in the body for optimal fitness and health. I will post about my process of integrating many ideas, philosophical insights and innovative body concepts through movement, the latest information on well being and much more. My intention is to provide teachers of Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Yoga and any movement system with a source of dialogue and information, as a mentor in our field.

My website and blog will keep you up-to-date on my ever-expanding process in two main ways. One is a non-member access where you may read blogs posts, watch instructional videos and my workshops and a calendar of events-you can visit this site to check on these schedules. The second way, join my membership for exclusive access to weekly blog posts with instructional videos, discounts on live video sessions by appointment and discounts on workshop fees (limited to certain locations). My intention is to help you gather new information and be guided to experience new concepts and ideas to create healthy change in the body. I hope that you find the site stimulates your curiosity, educated and enhances joyful learning.

Pilates Whisperer